Steadily growing token with a growth of 10% per year!

Стабільно зростаючий токен з ростом 10% за рік!

Стабильно растущий токен с ростом 10% в год!

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150 000 USD

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Basic information about the project ASSERT.FUND

Загальна інформація про проект ASSERT.FUND

Общая информация о проекте ASSERT.FUND

This project was created by VSolo team under the head of Volodymyr Solomakha.

Volodymyr Solomakha (linkdin, website) is the founder of two active web-studios UNDMA (Ukrainian National Digital Marketing Agency) and IDMA (International Digital Marketing Agency), consultant/edvisor of fintech and crypto projects, with experience in web-development, seo-promotion, project management and systematization, research.

The core of this project is a token with a predicted, stable growth rate (by 10% per year). Additional services and products will be added to the project in the future. Currently, the project:

  • For you:

    The opportunity to invest in the projects of Volodymyr Solomakha team with a fixed remuneration of 10% per year, regardless of the level of success of the projects.

    Ability to make decisions in development of projects.

    The opportunity to receive additional bonuses as part of the projects under development (lottery draw tickets in a GameFi project under development, as well as Premium accounts in freelance resources under development are the current bonuses.

  • For Volodymyr and the VSolo team:

    A budget to speed up the process of creating, developing, scaling projects.

    Funds are spent on web 2.0 / web 3.0 startups (you can find more details in the Startups short description section).

The goal of the project - to give the world the opportunity to invest money in projects by Volodymyr Solomakha, on favorable terms. Thus we get the opportunity to create, develop and scale our projects faster, and you - earn money for the predicted growth rate and get additional bonuses in the currently developed projects (more details in section "Your remuneration as an Investor").

The size of attracted investments is deliberately limited.

The minimum investment amount is the equivalent of 1 000 USD.

The maximum amount of investment is limited by the number of tokens available for sale, which is calculated as the difference between the amount of attracted funds and the total amount of attracted investments.

Restrictions: the opportunity to invest is not available to residents of Russia and Belarus, as well as to those who justify the military aggression of Russia.

The opportunity to sell tokens is guaranteed to appear on 01.12.2023. It may appear earlier. Information about this and other issues can be conveniently tracked in the official VSolo project telegram community. In the same group you can take part in discussion of the projects or ask any questions.

Risks and Warranties

I (Volodymyr Solomaha) am the sole founder and owner of the projects. Experts and advisors are involved in the projects, but I am the manager, the decision-maker and the person responsible for the success of the projects. I have experience in cooperation in executive positions, as an advisor, consultant and specialist in various fintech, investment, crypto and product projects. I have been involved in many successful projects. I have been a participant in projects that failed. I have not participated in a single scam project.

The VSolo team consists of people I trust. With these specialists we have been through many projects, difficult situations, reached many heights. We have been together with part of the team for over 10 years. I am proud of my team and responsible for the actions of its members. The high level of the team is confirmed by the reviews in my LinkedIn profile as well as video testimonials. In case there will ever be specialists in the team, whose goals and aspirations do not coincide with my moral principles - these people will leave my teams and projects, and information about this will appear in the official community on Telegram.

I value my reputation. I have been working on the Internet since 2001. As a person who can confirm my qualities first of all I am ready to give contacts of people with whom we have got into difficult situations, or whose projects were not successful. In all cases, I was 100% diligent in fulfilling my commitments, provided timely recommendations for project improvement and ensured a high level of service.

You do not invest in an individual project, which may or may not be successful. You are investing in me and my team, for which I am responsible. We already have projects that are working successfully, developing, have an excellent reputation. We as a team are launching a series of projects, some of which are already in demand and expected even before the projects are launched. All projects will go through the MVP phase, with the first focus being on projects that show themselves to be the most in-demand at the moment.

The token that is released as part of the project will not be released to currency exchanges. Perhaps in the future it will be released on our currency exchange, but even then there will be strict limitations on the number of tokens available for purchase.

Let us imagine the worst case scenario: all new startups fail. Even in this case, the return on investment is possible and will be realized thanks to the work of currently existing projects UNDMA (Ukrainian National Digital Marketing Agency) and IDMA (International Digital Marketing Agency.

Your remuneration as an Investor

Dividends according to the growth of the token rate (10% per year)

Investment in the project is implemented through the purchase of tokens with an adjustable, predetermined rate. The exchange rate grows uniformly, recalculated every second, and grows by 10% per calendar year (more precisely, for 31 600 800 seconds, the average value between a leap year and a normal year is taken). The possibility of redeeming tokens is guaranteed starting from December 1, 2023. In fact, investing now 1000 dollars, in a year you will receive 1100 dollars. It is also planned that you will be offered further storage of funds in the tokens of the project with the possibility of selling them at any time at the current rate at that time.

Special bonuses

As part of the development of the projects, you will receive special bonuses, with the possibility of transferring them to third parties on terms agreed with Volodymyr Solomaha. Currently predetermined bonuses within the project "GameFi", namely:

GameFi has a raffle to win a Tesla Model S Plaid (current price $135,990). Raffle drawings will include tickets purchased by raffle participants, as well as bonus tickets. The winner will be able to receive a car (purchase at an official Tesla dealership is provided, shipping issues are the responsibility of the winner) or (at the winner's choice) receive an equivalent amount of money in cash. Each investor will receive 50 bonus tickets for each $1,000 investment.

The drawing will be held when 110% of the prize value of the tickets are sold.

"Right to Win" tickets purchased with funds in the service and "bonus" tickets are the same.

Special terms and conditions of service use

The launch of both entertaining and extremely useful and demanded services related to the directions is planned:

  • Concluding contracts and agreements in various relationships;
  • Hiring of freelancers and teams to perform tasks;
  • Other services related to freelancing.

You will be given special conditions for using the services of the projects under development. You will be able to use the services at more favorable conditions, than ordinary users. More exact terms will be presented at the moment of launching the corresponding services.

Startups short description section

Here is a brief description of the startups. You can subscribe to the official open community group, which is interested in my projects There you can track the progress of each startup, share your opinions and comments. I have staked on maximum openness - not a single post in the group about its subjects will be deleted, even if it contains unpleasant remarks about the case.

Each startup is launched with a Discovery Phase, followed by an MVP. Work is done on several projects in parallel.

The work is structured in such a way as to avoid or minimize spending money on unnecessary services that do not affect the success and functionality of the project. Maximum streamlining of effort distribution will ensure fast startup and flexibility, rejection of dogma and creativity will ensure innovation.

Up-to-date information about startups can be seen on the page.

Below are the projects.


1.1 Stably growing token (in progress)

A project with a cryptocurrency, the change of which rate is predetermined in advance and is 10% per year. It is a currency, which is convenient for keeping funds, as it allows earning profits, which will exceed the potential inflation of funds. The number of tokens available for purchase is limited. Payments are provided by the profits of the projects that use the funds for their development.

1.2 Statistical and service section (in process).

A separate service whose purpose is to collect information from various cryptocurrency exchanges and exchanges in order to identify currency pairs with rate differences that allow you to get rich by trading. Access to the service is paid.

1.3 Wallet for Payments (free person's wallet and state's wallet)

Open source software and logic designed to allow sending/receiving funds both with and without blockchain access, subject to actual proximity between wallets. The startup is conceived as one that, on the one hand, will provide maximum simplicity for users and the ability to use the wallet in the presence of a smartphone or other similar device. And on the other hand - will provide the possibility of using open code at the state level with the organization of automatic control and write-off of taxes in favor of the state without the use of intermediaries and the cost of bank transactions.

2. GameFi

2.1 Gaming service with gambling and mind games

A distinctive feature of the project is its transparency. All draw results are predetermined before the draw begins and are stored in an encrypted form in a blockchain. Information about the probability of winning and a number of other data of interest to the player is provided. The project has an additional system of rewards, gamification and interaction between users, as well as a system of regular regular bonuses (up to "bonus for not visiting for a long time to play"), which are aimed at involvement in the gaming process. Each user has a real (mathematically small) but actually - a chance to win enough money to withdraw or win a significant prize without donating from his side. In the project there are many different gamification, maximizing user involvement in the gameplay, as well as the system of donation NOT to play for money, but to enjoy the gameplay and more effective self-presentation in front of other players and interaction with them.

Additionally, the site will be able to get bonuses, spending time watching ads or performing simple actions.

2.2 Information on the further development of the project is temporarily not made publicly available for commercial reasons.

3. A series of projects related to business relationships. Each project is developed as a separate service, which can interact with each other and recommend each other.

3.1 Freelance resource focused on action

An exchange for freelancers that specializes in performing certain short actions. Such exchanger is in demand for people and organizations that are interested in recruiting certain actions, testing or improving the behavioral factors. For example, it is useful for seo-promotion, for promotion in geolocation services, for live rating scoring on various platforms and in some other areas. A resource with strict user authentication. Users get paid for their actions: completing tasks, voting, scoring behavioral factors on the site.

3.2 Freelance resource is a popular one.

Freelance resource that allows you to interact directly with customers (payment directly, rather than through a service). And even in this case, for an additional fee, you can apply to arbitrage. The ability to work without buying plans. For free plans it is possible to show ads.

There are different levels of tariff plans on the site. Premium account can see ads, but their number is minimized and the logic of showing ads is different. Ads are arranged in such a way as not to make users feel comfortable.

The site introduces a flexible filtering system when searching for performers and when searching for projects to perform (selecting gender, location, age, nationality, time zone, rating, ...).

With a flexible filter system (including those that are not on other exchangers), with the possibility of interaction between the customer and the executor directly, with a parallel possibility of your presence on the exchange as a separate expert and as part of several teams or as a manager (representative) of the company, with available to all regardless of the rate plan system arbitrage.

Mandatory verification and prohibition of re-registration.

3.3 Freelance premium resource

Only freelancers and teams that meet the strict requirements are admitted to the resource, namely the absence of reputation problems, the availability of cases and/or portfolios in the field in which performers plan to provide services. Customers are also subject to strict requirements on the cost of working hours or budget of projects.

3.4 Project for the exchange of experience and training for freelancers

3.5 Free Job Service

Many small companies are looking for a place to post a list of their jobs or a "always welcome advanced professionals, send your resume" style page. At the same time, all the correct job services do not give the opportunity to post 5+ vacancies for free. The ability to post an unlimited number of jobs, with strict detail requirements will ensure attention and commitment to the project.

3.6 Location of guaranteed transactions (LGT).

"Third party guarantor" is a site where you can upload a collaboration or transaction agreement and transaction funds. Funds will be credited to the Contractor only after the fulfillment of all obligations to the Client or after receiving a corresponding instruction from the Client. This platform can be used when selling and buying goods and services, to be an independent arbiter of other kinds of agreements.

4. Complex of Realty-segment resources

4.1 Aggregator for developers and realtors

Service for storing and updating the information about the proposed real estate objects. On this site is a catalog of the real estate base in which the detailed schema. Catalog allows you to export a base for sites of real estate agencies, as well as provide information online about the availability or unavailability of objects (the fact of sale) on the ID object, for instant updates data on partner sites. The resource includes further development in the form of release of plugins for popular cms.

4.2 Service for the sale of secondary real estate

Service designed to replace the obsolete services of the past, with the ability to view the location of objects on the map and their prices, with strict moderation and reverent attitude to user complaints about providing false information about the location, price or state of the property, with the ability to leave feedback on the property, penalties for deliberate manipulation and placement in the wrong section, etc.

The advantages of this investment offer

Why this offer is noteworthy

Most of the team is made up of Ukrainians.

There are no Russians or Belarusians on the team. There are no people on the team who justify actions or support terrorist states or residents of sanctioned territories.

Manager's experience as a developer

Solomakha Volodymyr has been working in web-development since 2001. He has practical experience and successes in the following areas: web development, copywriting, seo-promotion, UI/UX planning applications, dashboards, web-interfaces. Including personal and team authoring experience in seo-promotion, anti-spam and site-building.

Executive experience as an advisor/consultant

Worked as a consultant in a number of projects where he improved or built from scratch the internal system of interaction between team members, reduced expenses by eliminating useless stages of work, or by using ready proven good solutions instead of "reinventing the wheel" where it is not necessary.


Projects will be developed with the help of the companies founded by Solomakha Volodymyr: UNDMA (Ukrainian National Digital Marketing Agency) and IDMA (International Digital Marketing Agency). These are teams, which effectively cooperate with each other, have practical experience, are motivated and have shown themselves well in other projects. Other specialists and experts in the required fields will be used for point-by-point development to provide practical help and advice.

Technical facilities

The core team is housed in cozy offices (full floor of a shopping center). Each specialist has a personal comfortable and ergonomic working place, an additional monitor or monitors in the offices. The offices have all conditions for specialists to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently and to realize themselves as professionals.


You can see personal feedback about the cooperation with Vladimir Solomakha, the project manager, in his LinkedIn profile (, and some of the video reviews about the team at (


Speaking about web 3.0, Vladimir Solomakha consulted and was CEO during the implementation of projects, and his team provided technical implementation (development) of, took an active part in launching projects,, technical component of Experience in web 2.0 development - allows to realize almost any project, and the knowledge of leader and team can provide deep understanding of the project even before the launch.


Some of the project designs, which are not against NDA rules, can be found at Spot on, individual components in other areas of work are available upon request.


Crystal Reputation. Working publicly since 2001. No scam projects or negative reviews.

Risk allocation

Several startups are scheduled to launch. Startups will be launched using Discovery and MVP phases, which ensures the fastest possible development of the projects and rational use of funds. Even if some of the startups fail to live up to the expectations, those that perform well will still provide a good ROI and compensation to all of the investors.

Development has already begun

Some of the startups (e.g. GameFi) have already been designed, so the development process is already under way.

Openness of the founder

For the entire duration of the projects, the founder has been open to dialogue with users in the common Telegram chat and will personally respond to requests, comments, and suggestions for project development.

Commitment at the level of insanity

When the team is moving in the same direction and everyone is united by one goal - it's just unstoppable force. People are willing to work on weekends and far beyond the workday because their eyes are burning, there is a common goal and belief in the project.

More information about the founder

Link to Linkedin -

Personal website -

Age - 34 years

Citizenship - Ukraine

Studio sites:

Briefly about myself in free form

Born into a wonderful, prosperous family in Ukraine in the town of Romny.

Parents gave elementary knowledge in the following spheres: education, entrepreneurship, programming, engineering.

Studied at school, 1-9 grades, then college (Romny College of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman), then Sumy State University.

Since 2001 I was interested in web-development and freelance. I have practical experience, successes and achievements as a specialist in such spheres:

  • copywriter (work with including infostyles)
  • SEO specialist (internal and external optimization, own methods of promotion)
  • full time web developer (php, html, css, js, vue js)
  • project manager, building high performance teams

Skills, experience, hard work and benevolence of destiny allowed me to gather a team of wonderful people, each of whom I am sincerely proud and cherish. We successfully implemented a large number of projects, some of which are presented in the portfolio (, were together in hundreds of difficult situations, each of which survived saving honor and dignity. The team's internal system ensures a high level of service, which usually delights new partners, as evidenced by the reviews and feedback you can get from colleagues, customers and partners.

Perhaps the most important thing is reputation. I have a well-deserved reputation for meeting my commitments. A reputation that I cherish.